A place where you can get the taste of India and get the best of flavors and aroma, that’s how we would like to describe ourselves..


Tamarind serves authentic Indian cuisine with traditional flavors. Tamarind is as much about spices as it is about diversity offering you the best of vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian dishes. Add to it the organic spices that attracted traders to India for centuries and you get the best blend of aroma and taste. It is our endeavor to bring this taste to the New Yorkers along with some of the best from India.

Manoj Rana

Our Executive Chef

Born in the Himalayan hill state of Uttarakhand, Manoj Rana was raised in the organic farming traditions of his family in Northern India. Upon his completion of undergraduate training at the Himalayan Institute of Culinary Arts, Manoj began his career at the distinguished Taj Hotel in Delhi, India where he gained a reputation for his extraordinary palate. Following his passion for cuisine and hospitality, Manoj began his career with the world’s top Michelin-star chefs in the luxury hotels of Dubai. Having demonstrated exceptional capabilities, he rapidly ascended to the position of sous chef over a culinary team of hundreds at the J.W. Marquise Marriott and the Radisson Blu.

Competing against thousands of chefs, Manoj won the gold medal in the Culinary World Cup. In the United States, he has contributed his creativity to award-winning Indian restaurants in New York and New Jersey. In 2020, Chef Manoj Rana opened his first restaurant, Tamarind in the Hudson Valley. Two years later he opened a second in Newtown, Connecticut.

About Tamarind

Against the odds of 2020, Tamarind became an instant success, bringing authentic Indian flavors and modern refinement to the Hudson Valley. Chef Manoj is passionate about combining fresh, high-quality ingredients available with sophisticated artistry. He remains dedicated to making fine dining accessible…